Why Piano?


There are many benefits to taking Piano Lessons...


Confidence Building 

Learning to perform in front of your Teacher, an Examiner and potentially an audience provides a fantastic sense of achievement! This confidence can positively impact upon other areas of the performer's life such as in School or the workplace.
Appreciating Music 
Through learning to play and improvise the student develops their musical "ear" and can in time much better appreciate music that they hear.
Increased Social Participation
Through Concert experiences and Workshops students meet other like-minded musicians and engage in new activities.

Improved Aural Awareness 
Learning to really Listen to music and for particular elements within the music are key skills for musicians.
Improved Concentration 
This is particularly relevant to younger students - Piano Lessons allow for an enjoyable experience utilising sustained concentration.
Many students play piano as a means of relaxing - a hugely beneficial benefit of learning to play the piano in our hectic modern world!
Complements other musical learning
Whether it be Singing or another instrument, being able to also play piano can greatly assist in perfecting new repertoire as not only can you play your "part" for yourself, but you will have a stronger musical understanding.
Academic Benefits
Grades 6-8 confer UCAS points which can be of benefit to students seeking to move on to study at University, these additional points can prove very useful. In addition, private musical study will be of huge benefit should a student wish to sit GCSE or A Level Music in School
A Lifelong Love of Music
We very much try to encourage a love of music, and whether the student continues to play piano through their life or not, it is hoped that a love of music in its many forms remains with them!


"The piano keys are black and white
but they sound like
a million colours in your mind." - Maria Cristina Mena


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Our Piano Department specialises in promoting a Love of Music...


Alongside our Singing Tuition, as a School we also offer Piano Lessons in Belfast with professional Teachers to all aged 6 years to adult. Our one-to-one Piano Lessons are tailored to the individual student, whatever their goals might be. It might be building playing confidence, improving technique or progressing through Exam Grades. We also organise related discipline Workshops including Staging/Acting, Language, Performance & Sight-Singing Workshops.


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